Welcome to courage&grace, a DIY Painting Studio

Welcome to Raising Makers! 


Our BOOTCAMP was designed and carefully curated to help current and aspiring business owners in the paint party community achieve their full potential! Lead by three leaders in the creative business industry, our goal is provide you with step by step, easy to follow concepts that will help you take your studio to the next level! 

Whether you already have started a creative studio or you have always had the inkling and yearning to but aren't sure where to start, this course has been curated to support YOU with a practical step by step path to achieving your success. 


  • Finding your "why"
  • Planning your foundation
  • The building blocks needed to keep that foundation strong
  • Sourcing materials
  • Brick & Mortar vs. Mobile/Virtual Parties
  • Top crafts you should offer for your business
  • Utilizing social media
  • How to network within your community
  • Additional revenue and advertising components

Courses will be held via ZOOM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's, starting Monday, June 7th and ending Friday, June 18th.  


WHY WAIT? There's no better time to open a creative studio than now! Register now for our two-week bootcamp and get your business on track for success!

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