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Seasonal - CHRISTMAS

CSP (base price) Approx 14.5" x 17"
CMP (base price + $10.00) Approx 17" x 29"
CSS (base price) Approx 12" x 18"
CMS (base price) Approx 12" x 24"
CFS (base price + $10.00) Approx 21" x 21"
CFR (base price + $5.00) Approx 31" x 11"
CWS (base price + $20.00) Approx 12" x 60"

Pallet Small

Approx 14.5" x 17"
(base price)

PS001 - So Many Of My Smiles  PS002 - Be Brave Little One  PS003 - If You Think Hands Full  PS004 - Good FriendsPS005 - You & Me  PS006 - Life Is Better Laughing  PS007 - Life Is Better at the Mountains   PS008 - Dog Hair Fairy Dust  PS009 - The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go  PS010 - Life Is A Beautiful Adventure  PS011 - Even Super Heroes Need Sleep  PS012 - Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle  PS013 - Amazing Grace  PS014 - Twinkle Twinkle  PS015 - In Our Home Let Love Abide  PS016 - Dream Big Little Man  PS017 - As Soon As I Saw You  PS018 - Coffee and Adventure  PS019 - Love You More Today  PS020 - She Leaves A Little Sparkle  PS021 - Laundry Today  PS022 - Bathe Wash Soak  PS023 - ABC's  PS024 - If Your Dreams Don't Scare You  PS025 - Some Things Just Fill Your Heart  PS026 - Grateful for the Small Things  PS027 - She Believed She Could  PS028 - Always Kiss Me Goodnight  PS029 - Every Love Story (Horizontal)   PS030 - It Is Well With My Soul  PS031 - Your Grace Is Enough  PS032 - Real Life Mermaid  PS033 - Though She Be But Little  PS034 - Every Love Story (Vertical)   PS035 - L (paw) VE  PS036 - Fresh Flower Market  PS037 - When It Rains  PS038 - What Whiskey Will Not Cure  PS039 - Land of the Free  PS040 - Stars and Stripes  PS041 - Find Beauty in Everything  PS042 - Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti  PS043 - Scatter Kindness (dandelion)   PS044 - Be The Good  

Pallet Medium

Approx 17" x 29"
(base price + $10.00)

PM001 - Farmers Market  PM002 - When You Have More  PM003 - Vertical Line Family Est.   PM004 - In The Morning  PM005 - God Bless America   PS006 - Family Live Laugh Love  PM007 - Last Name Est. Laurels   PM008 - Adventure Awaits  PM009 - Split Letter Man Cave  PM010 - Initial Est. Layered (Horizontal)  PM011 - Bring Happiness To The World  PM012 - Home My Bunch Of Crazies  PM013 - Home Sweet Farmhouse  PM014 - Custom Mercantile  PM015 - Land Of The Free  PM016 - United States of America  PM017 - Wild and Free  PM018 - Kissing Booth  PM019 - Initial Est. Layered (Vertical)  PM020 - Welcome to our Campfire  PM021 - Welcome to our Bonfire  PM025 - Flag  PM027 - Custom Family Photo Holder  PM028 - World Map  PM029 - Land That I Love 

Pallet Large

Approx 19" x 45"
(base price + $25.00)

PL001 - Love Script  PL002 - In My Life  PL003 - Bless The Food  PL004 - You Will Forever Be My Always  PL005 - Always Kiss Me Goodnight  PL006 - Love Grows Best  PL007 - Always Tell The Truth  PL008 - As For Me & My House  PL009 - Gather  PL010 - HOME wreath  PL011 - LOVE wreath  PL012 - HOPE wreath  PL013 - World Map

Standard Small

Approx 12" x 18"
SS001 - Angels and Friends  SS002 - Live Life In Full Bloom  SS003 - Let Kindness Ripple  SS004 - So Very Blessed  SS005 - Always Remember  SS006 - Live Simply  SS007 - Something Tells Me  SS008 - What If I Fall?  SS009 - Be Brave Little One  SS010 - Wherever You Go  SS011 - Coffee and Jesus  SS012 - Precious Memories   SS013 - Life Is Better On The Porch  SS014 - Pledge of Allegiance   SS015 - Be Strong And Courageous   SS016 - Be Still And Know  SS017 - She Who Is Brave  SS018 - Hope  SS019 - The Mountains Are Calling  SS020 - America The Beautiful   SS021 - You Were Given This Life  SS022 - Fearless  SS023 - For God So Loved The World  SS024 - Let Him Sleep  SS025 - Let Her Sleep  SS026 - Follow Your Arrow  SS027 - Father  SS028 - Mother  SS029 - Thank You God For Giving  SS030 - Not All Who Wander  SS031 - Some People Wait Their Entire Lives  SS032 - Sometimes Being A Brother  SS031 - Sometimes Being A Sister  SS034 - And I Think To Myself  SS035 - Learn From Yesterday   SS036 - First My Mom  SS037 - When I Am Afraid  SS038 - Always Stay Humble And Kind  SS039 - Love and Cupcakes  SS040 - Pardon The Mess  SS042 - Reading Gives Us Someplace To Go  SS043 - You Got This  SS044 - Home Is Wherever You Are      

Standard Medium

Approx 12" x 24"
SM001 - Welcome Succulents   SM002 - Not All Who Wander  SM003 - Laundry Wash, Dry, Fold  SM004 - Life Is Tough  SM005 - This House Is Filled With Kisses  SM006 - As For Me And My House  SM007 - Wine Glass  SM008 - Beer Bottle  SM009 - Little Boys Sent To Bed  SM010 - Our Family One Tent Away  SM011 - Brothers Build Forts  SM012 - See You Later  SM013 - Home Is Where The Air Force Sends Us  SM014 - Brother Definition    SM015 - Sister Definition   SM016 - Fearfully And Wonderfully Made   SM017 - World Map  SM018 - Custom Last CallSM019 - Love Baseball  SM020 - God Bless America  SM021 -Beach Rules  SM022 - Lake Rules  SM023 - Pool Rules  SM024 - Porch Rules  SM025 - In Christ Alone  SM026 - In This House  SM027 - Dog Licks  SM028 - Land Of The Free  SM029 - My Country Tis of Thee    

Framed Squares

Approx 21" x 21"
(base price + $10.00)
FS001 - Wash Your Hands  FS002 - A Woman With All Sons  FS003 - I Must Have Flowers  FS004 - It's So Good To Be Home  FS005 - Family Where Love Begins  FS006 - It's A Good Day  FS007 - You Will Never Regret Being Kind  FS008 - Be A Pineapple  FS009 - Here Sleeps A Little Boy  FS010 - There is Nothing Life  FS011 -They Broke Bread  FS012 - And So The Adventure Begins  FS013 - Mountains Are Calling  FS014 - Family Rules  FS015 - HOME Arrows  FS016 -Give Thanks In All Things  FS017 - Custom Neighborhood Bar  FS018 - A House Is Made  FS019- What Makes You Beautiful  FS020 - Bless The Food Before Us  FS021 - Love One Another  FS022 - Grow Old With Me  FS023 - Custom Whiskey   FS023 - I Love You To the Center Field  FS025 - We Didn't Realize We Were Making Memories   FS026 - Wreath Initial   FS027 - For Where Two Or More Gather  FS028 - I Love You To The Moon And Back  FS029 - ABC's  FS030 - No Wake Zone  FS031 - Let's Stay Home  FS031 - Christ Is The Head  FS033 - Always A House  FS034 - Home Sweet Home Antlers  FS035 - Thankful & Grateful   FS036 - Love Never Fails  FS037 - Two Gifts Roots Wings  FS038 - Enjoy The Little Things  FS039 - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  FS040 - Where There Is Love  FS041 - RAWR Means I Love You  FS042 - Wake Up & Be Happy  FS043 - You And Me Every Day  FS044 - Hello Little Lady  FS045 - Fresh Brewed Sweet Tea  FS046 - Honey Meadow   FS047 - Lemonade      

Framed Rectangles

Approx 31" x 11"
(base price + $5.00)
FR001 - This Is Us  FR002 - Adventure Awaits  FR003 - Together Is My Favorite Place To Be  FR004 - As For Me And My House  FR005 - Be The Good  FR006 - Cursive Names Est. Date  FR007 - Cursive Names, Two Hearts One Love  FR008 - Cursive Names Paw Prints  FR009 - In Christ Alone  FR010 - I Have Found  FR011 - The Most Important  FR012 - Birch Trees with Initials   FR013 -Twinkle Twinkle Little Star   FR014 - Let It Be  FR015 - Let's Go Crazy  FR016 - Merry Me FR017 - Soul On FIre  FR018 - Marry You FR019 - All Of Me  FR020 - A Thousand Years  FR021 - Amazing Grace  FR022 - At Last  FR023 - Better Together   FR024 - Bless The Broken Road  FR025 - Chasing Cars  FR026 - Crash Into Me  FR027 - Crazy For You  FR028 - Daddy's Hands  FR029 - Fight Song  FR030 - Friends In Low Places  FR031 - Good Good Father  FR032 - How Great Thou Art  FR033 - I Hope You Dance  FR034 - Imagine   FR035 - Oceans  FR036 - One And Only  FR037 - Thinking Out loud  FR038 - STL Sky Line  FR039 - My Sunshine  FR040 - Sit Relax Enjoy Custom  FR041 - Grandkids Make Life Grand  FR042 -Dream Share Play  FR043 - Relax and Accept the Crazy  FR044 - Get Naked  FR045 - Every Child Is An Artist


Approx 12" x 60"
(base price + $20.00)


Diameter Approx 24"
(base price + $15.00)
Diameter Approx 30"
(base price + $25.00)
**please note, hands/motor do not come with clocks**
we suggest getting a long shaft, high torque motor