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Patio Party Booking


Patio Party Booking

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We are SO excited that Southern Illinois has moved to the next Phase! While this phase allows groups of 10 or less to be together in private residents, unfortunately, with our workshop space, we are still limited on the ability to hold your workshop at our location.

BUT, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying your very own private workshop on YOUR PATIO (or dining room, or deck, wherever you choose!!).  

We provide the MAKING, you provide the FUN!

We want to help you and your friends have a fun time MAKING, so we're happy to get a whole PARTY ready for you to pick up and take home. 

Once you know the date you want to get together, book a "Patio Party" so we can get you your private Patio Party workshop link to send to all your guests.  They will each be able to pick out their own design, and colors for their sign.  

*** We must have 7 - 10 days before the party date ***

We will prepare everything and package it up in a kit for you to pick up 48-72 hours before your Patio Party!  Included in the kit will be all the supplies needed, as well as detailed instructions with photographs! 

Also, if you're interested, we can have a staff member ZOOM into your patio party to help and answer any questions (for an additional $50.00 fee).


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