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Father's Day take&paint kit


Father's Day take&paint kit

$ 20.00

Our take&paint kits are for you, or your favorite little maker, to create a one of a kind, wall worthy, gift right in your own home.  These kits will include everything you need to create your 12"x12" sign just as you would at our studio, including detailed instruction.  They are the perfect handmade gift for the special guys in your family!  

Each kit will include: Wood, Stencil, Sand Paper, Paint Brush, Sponges, Paint (antique white and navy blue), and Bulldog Clip and Screw.  If you would like different colors, you can use any latex or craft paint you have at home!  

For designed options, you can change the word as needed (Dad, Daddy, Grandpa, PaPa, Paw, etc). 



Please use a phrase with 3-6 words for best results!

Use a piece of white printer paper (8.5" x 11") and fold in half long ways.  Use this as your 'size' guideline for your mini-makers to write their text.  

For mini-makers that are writers, have them use a bold marker (sharpie or wide tip crayola) to write the text with thick, dark lines.


For mini-makers that are emergent writers, you can have them write in pencil, and then erase and 'clean up' any stray marks/lines.  Then, use a bold marker (sharpie or wide tip crayola) to trace over their writing. 


Once you have the bold, dark, text, you are ready to upload it!  Take a picture on your phone, or scan it in, and upload when ordering.  We will trace and convert the text over to make a customized stencil for your kit!


For Hand-print kit:

You can always use any color of paint you have on hand, but if you want to use the paint that comes in the kit follow these directions!

Follow steps as outlines on instruction page included in kit.  Once stencil is removed, paint first child's hand with navy blue and put their hand-print on the board.  Mix some of the leftover white paint into navy blue, and paint second child's hand, then make their hand-print on the board.  Continue lightening the navy blue with white paint for every child!  

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