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A Wizards Birthday!


A Wizards Birthday!

$ 12.00

ONLINE registration has ended as of 7/28/22 at 5pm!

Please note that Muggle Shopping Passes and Hogwarts Syllabus Tickets WILL be available for purchase starting at 11am on Saturday, July 30th, near the caboose within the Downtown District!!!  Trivia team registration is no longer available.

Come join the businesses of the Downtown District as we celebrate our favorite wizard's birthday in an immersive and fun experience! This event will be held on Saturday afternoon, July 30th, 2022, as you are transported across the pond to check in at Platform 9 3/4. During this event, you will be able to shop from our exclusive vendors within Diagon Alley, and stop at the restaurants and shops for some fun themed treats (chocolate frogs anyone!?!). Once you've completed your syllabus, you can come check out the Ministry of Magic where the trivia will be held. Now the important question, what house are YOU going to be in as we CELEBRATE at (our very own downtown) Hogwarts?

Please Register by July 11 guarantee your cup color and t-shirt color

Ticketing Options:

Muggle Shopping Pass - $12.00

This shopping pass will allow you to walk through our very own Diagon Alley, where you will be able to visit the talented vendors of St. Louis and the Metro East.  We have hand selected artisans that have unique and interesting HANDMADE projects, and a true love for all things magical!  Along with Diagon Alley, you will have your very own 16oz plastic souvenir cup in your house color, as well as a map to all the Wizarding goodness going on all around downtown.


Hogwarts Syllabus Ticket - $22.00

Along with being able to experience everything with Muggle Shopping Pass, this ticketing option will include a syllabus for magical classes that will be held at Downtown District businesses.  Each class will be modeled after the ones that our favorite trio took through their years of Magical Studies.  These classes will each be offered at several times during the event, so guests can wonder among the other Downtown District businesses to  enjoy all the themed fun and/or food each business has.  These classes will contain some specialized info that could be included in the wizard trivia event


Think that you are the ULTIMATE Harry Potter fan? 

We invite you to come enjoy the events of the day, then show up to our Trivia event with your curated TEAM to cover any and all magical questions we have dug up for you! 

Some of these trivia questions will be specifically from our event, so make sure you've completed our syllabus classes before the Team Trivia starts!  Each Trivia Team package will include all the items in the Muggle shopping pass AND Hogwarts Syllabus for all six members PLUS an event t-shirt. 

During the trivia event, each team will have themed snacks at their table, and the chance to win an Epic prize pack worth over $500.00!

Team spots ARE LIMITED, so grab your Potterhead friends and snag your Trivia Team a spot today!



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